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Aliens Walk the Earth

by on Jun.02, 2008, under UFOs and Close Encounters

…and are peeking through bedroom windows.

Shot in Nebraska on July 17, 2003 via The Independent.

The film shows a bobbing head. It was taken by a camera set up by Stan Romanek, after he became concerned that someone was peering in at the window of his teenage daughters’ bedroom.

Jerry Hufmann, of Colorado Film School examined the film. He believes that it to be genuine and un-doctored, but has no opinion of what it actually shows.

The film was screened at a press conference in Denver, Colorado by Jeff Peckman. Only limited portions of the whole film were shown, as Mr Romanek is set to air a documentary containing the video and an agreement is in place limiting the film’s exposure during negotiations for the documentary.

Mr Peckman is currently campaigning to have Denver set up an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission, which would help ensure public safety, “when the need arises.” He has no doubts as to what the film is “irrefutable evidence” of a visit from another world.

A more sceptical person might wonder:

  • Why would an alien want to peep into human’s bedroom window?
  • Why that particular bedroom window?
  • How come, a civilization with the technology to travel between stars does not have any decent remote sensing technology?
  • Why is the film receiving publicity now, nearly four years after it was shot?

Steven Hawkins famously asked, “If intelligent aliens are visiting Earth, why do they only call on cranks and weirdoes?” That is not to say that Mr Romanek is either. He is more likely the victim of a practical joke aimed at his daughters.

He certainly appears to be making the most of his five minutes of fame.

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