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Carnival of Space 341

by on Feb.18, 2014, under Carnival of Space

This week’s Carnival of Space 341 is hosted by Joe Latrell on the Photos to Space blog.

Joe Latrell:

Welcome to the Carnival of Space. Each week we explore the universe around us from Earth to the Moon and beyond. This week brings us many great and diverse articles from around the globe.

Sit back and enjoy the show!

This week there is a look at the future of inter-stellar propulsion. NASA has spent some $1.6 Million on research in this field. This artist’s depiction of a hypothetical Wormhole Induction Propelled Spacecraft, is based loosely on the 1994 “warp drive” paper of Miguel Alcubierre.

Through a wormhole

Picture Credit: NASA CD-98-76634 by Les Bossinas.




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