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They Know Your Every Thought

by on Jan.02, 2009, under Medicine

Example of neuron readoutNew Scientist has reported on a technology is being developed that may eventually allow your dreams and thoughts to be recorded and played back.

Yukiyasu Kamitani at ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan is leading the development team. They use a scanner to record brain activity when a subject is shown a group of 10×10 dots. Software “learns” to associate different patterns of brain activity with different patterns.

In a paper published in the journal Neuron, Kamitani showed that by pooling the results from various volunteers it is possible to recreate the word “neuron” from the scans.

Kamitani says that higher quality images should be possible with improved brain scanners. He wants to find out if it is possible to create record images people are imagining rather than seeing.

It may eventually be possible to record dreams. This leads to all kinds of privacy and legal questions. Could such technology be used to eavesdrop on a person’s thoughts? Could your dreams become cause for divorce?

Big Brother is not only watching you, he is reading your mind ad well.

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