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Exoplanet Hunt Update

by on May.24, 2008, under Deep Space, Newsflash

Two new exoplanets and an unknown celestial object are the latest findings of the COROT mission.These discoveries mean that the mission has now found a total of four new exoplanets.

The two new planets are gas giants of the hot Jupiter type, which orbit very close to their parent star and tend to have extensive atmospheres because heat from the nearby star gives them energy to expand.

In addition, an oddity dubbed ‘COROT-exo-3b’ has raised particular interest among astronomers.

Read more on the ESA site…

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Microsoft Launches Worldwide Telescope

by on May.12, 2008, under Around the Solar System, Deep Space, Software

Microsoft has released the Beta version of the ‘Worldwide Telescope’, a Web 2.0 visualization software environment built from the best imagery from the world’s ground and space based telescopes.

Goto the Worldwide Telescope site …

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How Blazars are Powered

by on May.08, 2008, under Deep Space, Newsflash

US researchers report in Nature they have worked out how black holes emit jet streams of particles at close to light speed. This is known as a Blazar

The Boston University team say the streams originate in the magnetic field near the edge of the black hole. They say it is within this region that the jets are accelerated and focused.

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