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Sky Ready for 3DTV Broadcasting

by on Dec.16, 2008, under Fun and Games

Satellite Broadcaster BSkyB, has demonstrated its new three-dimensional television (3DTV) system. The new system can broadcast 3DTV into homes using existing high-definition TV infrastructure.

Three-dimensional viewing is on a roll. Games systems are pushing the development of 3D screens. Nvidia’s newer graphics cards use Stereo Gaming technology to enhance some of the most popular PC games.

The magic specs were back in the cinema this year with ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ and ‘Beowulf’ both doing well at the box office. Other 3D movies such as ‘Toys Story 3’ and ‘Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs’ are due out in 2009.

According to BSkyB 3DTV is not far behind. Sky engineers have so far broadcast sporting events and the TV show Gladiators.

The BSkyB system requires viewers to wear special 3D glasses. Technology allowing viewing of 3D shows without special glasses will be cheap enough to use in the home in five to ten years time.

The system also requires a special television set capable of converting the dual pictures sent over the satellite link, into a 3D display. Mitsubishi launched a 73-inch 3D television receiver in June 2008. Other companies are expected to follow in 2009 with prices in the £2,000 range (US$3000).

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