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Martian Soil Able to Support Life

by on Jun.29, 2008, under Around the Solar System, Newsflash

From the BBC Martian soil appears to contain sufficient nutrients to support life – or, at least, asparagus – Nasa scientists believe. Preliminary analysis by the US$420m Phoenix Mars Lander mission on the planet’s soil found it to be much more alkaline than expected. The find has raised hopes conditions on Mars may be favourable […]

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Asteroid 6137 Renamed John

by on Jun.27, 2008, under Around the Solar System, Newsflash, People

From the BBC An amateur Gloucestershire astronomer has had an asteroid named after him after Sir Patrick Moore nominated him for the honour. John Fletcher, 60, regularly sends off data collected using the observatory in his back garden in Tuffley, Gloucester. “I heard a couple of days ago that asteroid 6137 is now called ‘John’.” […]

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Key Ocean Mission Launched

by on Jun.20, 2008, under Newsflash, Oceanography

From the BBC A space mission that will be critical to our understanding of climate change has launched from California. The Jason-2 satellite will become the primary means of measuring the shape of the world’s oceans, taking readings with an accuracy of better than 4cm. Read more on the BBC…

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